Kleiber Laundry Tag Set

Code : 210-02
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Kleiber Laundry Tag Set

  • Laundry tag set, includes tapes, stenciles and pen
  • 3 different coloure iron-on tapes for approx. 100 laundry tags.  100% cotton, 1cm in width and 3 meter lengths in each colour 
  • Plastic stencils have letters and numbers
  • 1 black writing ball pen
  • Waschen 95 GradBleichenNicht in TrocknerBügeln Stufe 2Nicht trockenreinigen95 °C normal wash, any bleach allowed, do not tumble dry, iron on level 2 or maximum temperature of 150 °C, no dry cleaning


Only write on the rough side of the tape, smooth side for iron-on. Use hard surface for writing on. Keep pen upright and press hard. Allow your writing to dry well. Round off the corners of the tag. Spread out the article of clothing on a hard surface. Put some tissue paper or a thin piece of cloth upon the tape and press hard with the iron. In the case of cotton or linen, set the iron to level 2 and iron on for about 12 seconds. In the case of delicate fabrics, set the iron to the permissible maximum temperature and iron on for about 12 seconds. 
​Only dry-iron – without a damp cloth –  without steam

Attention: Do not iron on in the case of delicate fabrics such as synthetic fibre, coarse-meshed knitwear or socks. Better sew on the tape with some stitches.

Before use, remove top protection of ball pen tip!


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