600g Pre-Dye

Code: DYL-PREDYE-600


600g Dylon Pre-Dye  

Lightens fabric for colour change.


1.Pour content of the sachet into washing machine drum

2. Put fabric in machine & start hottest, longest cycle

3. When cycle is complete, wash as usual then dye to the colour of your choice (See inside for detailed instructions) 


 • One box treats up to a maximum of 2.5kg fabric (e.g. double duvet covet, sheet & pillow)

 • Always use full contents

 • Some colours may not be removed, e.g. bright greens, bright blues & indigo (denim)

 • Not suitable for twin-tub or top-loader machines

 • Always use in well-ventilated room.

Suitable for :  Cotton, linen & viscose. 

Not suitable for: Polyester, acrylic, nylon, wool, silk and special finishes (e.g. waterproof or dry-clean)

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